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I am very honored and humbled to have recently been recognized as one of the Top 10 Leaders in Healthcare by Global Health Magazine! Click HERE to read the article!


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career coping

As a CEO, I’ve had my share of career struggles. These have included burnout, no work-life balance, overly long hours, career stagnation, frequent relocations for new jobs, negative media, dealing with difficult personalities, and many more. Many high achievers face these types of difficulties. I speak and write about how to deal with these challenges and how to find more peace in personal life while progressing with career goals.

Leadership, executive, and career mentoring

Let’s face it, being a position of leadership it tremendously difficult, lonely, and often thankless. I know. I’ve been there. No matter what stage you are at in your career, a mentor can help you work through challenging political and work-related situations. After being a CEO, leading large hospitals with thousand of employees for 20 years, I have seen just about everything. This experience can be invaluable in helping you to find your way in the complex corporate atmosphere. I enjoy helping individuals, groups, leadership teams, and entire companies with this topic.


Burnout doesn’t just affect the individual employee or executive. The average hospital loses 5.1 million a year in nurse staffing turnover alone (according to Beckers Hospital CFO Report) and health care leaders are burned out at rates exceeding 75%, which is far higher than clinical staff (MGMA, Beckers). Many companies pay lip service to culture. The real barometer, however, lies not in what the company says about itself, but in what the employees believe about their workplace environment. By conducting a comprehensive on-site burnout assessment, I can help your organization identify its burnout vulnerabilities and improve leader and employee retention and productivity from the top down.