How to Deal with Stress as a Hospital Administrator

Leading hospitals is challenging and stressful, and it takes a significant toll on the personal side as well. As a hospital CEO of over 20 years, I certainly understand the impact. But hospital administration, at any level in a hospital, is a tremendously important role. The decisions we make can literally determine whether a hospital survives or fails. The closure of a hospital, particularly in rural settings, can be devastating to the community and workers who lose their jobs. Unfortunately, the focus for stress management in health care typically resides on front-line workers, which is certainly necessary. However, administrators also need assistance managing stress, but this in-and-of-itself causes stress because when are we supposed to find time to take care of ourselves?

Dealing with stress as a hospital administrator presents a unique challenge and can often feel impossible. Learn how to deal with stress as a hospital administrator from Dr. Jeff Comer, hospital CEO and expert on stress management and burnout. Hospital CEO stress management is hardly addressed in healthcare administration graduate programs, and yet is one of the most significant indicators of personal and professional success as a hospital CEO. Whether you’re a hospital ceo or a healthcare management executive (or hoping to become one!), Dr. Jeff Comer guides you through stress management practices that not only are backed by scientific research, but more importantly have been put through the rigorous “real world” test of his 20-year career (and counting) as a hospital administrator.




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